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>> Thursday, January 14, 2010

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A mixture of so-so standup routines and comedy-music hybrids a la Adam Sandler, Saturday Night Live's Jimmy Fallon provides just enough laughs on The Bathroom Wall to satisfy one's funny bone--for the first listen or two, anyway. Unfortunately, with the exception of his masterful impressions (a hilarious Bono among them) and the amusing Prince takeoff "Idiot Boyfriend," Fallon's shtick gets old pretty fast. On the music side, "Road Rage" has a few funny lines, but the Beastie Boys-inspired "(I Can't Play) Basketball" falls flat, as does the country-tinged "Drinking in the Woods." Meanwhile, for the standup portion, Fallon panders to his college audience with routines about "the walk of shame" and hotplates that might have worked in person, but on record sound shopworn and thin. As an impressionist, Fallon has a bright future, but he needs better material before putting out his next comedy record, even one as short (under 37 minutes) as this one. --Matthew Cooke

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Customer Buzz
 "Worst comedy album I've ever heard" 2008-01-19
By Christopher L. Tindale (Rockmart, GA United States)
This made me laugh zero times. I'm glad I downloaded it rather than spend money on it. In fact, I wish I could somehow be paid for my 36 minutes (yeah, the CD is that short) because it was work getting through it.

The impressions are not bad, but he is not a funny man at all.

Customer Buzz
 "Pretty Darn Funny" 2007-06-25
By J. Harrell (Nashville, TN USA)
I bought this CD for my brother a few years ago, and we still listen to it. It's classic Jimmy Fallon. There are some pretty funny songs on there. This is the only comedy cd I own, so I don't know how it stacks up to others.

Customer Buzz
 "A comedy CD you can actually listen to over and over" 2007-02-14
By P. Stevenson (Provo, UT USA)
Unlike most stand up, which is only funny the first time you hear it, Fallon's CD is funny over and over because of the songs. Every time I listen to them I pick up more and more of the "under his breath" or "too speedy to catch the first time" jokes. The songs are the best part of the CD, I'd rate the stand-up tracks as just average and not as re-listen-able.

Customer Buzz
 "Definately one of the Best CD's I have ever bought!" 2006-10-04
By Heather Simmons (Cohutta, GA United States)
I enjoyed this CD not just because it was funny but because I was amazed by Jimmy Fallon's numerous talents that really shine throughout the entire CD. His singing, guitar playing, sense of humor, and especially his impersonations of celebrities and bands. I won't lie, this was not the funniest comedy album I have ever heard but it is by far the most enjoyable. I love how Jimmy can be funny with clean-cut jokes. He proves that jokes do not have to be full of profanity or be about sex to be funny. Jimmy proved himself to be extremely talented and an excellent performer. Definately one of the best. I look forward to seeing more stuff from Jimmy Fallon!

Customer Buzz
 "Fallen has skills" 2006-08-29
By P. Ehrig
Very funny stuff. After the bit about singing any 80's song to M.C. Hammer, I went and bought a 80's hits CD. I did not buy a Troll though. LOL

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