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Suction Tub and Shower Bar provides support for standing up while showering or getting out of bathtub. Powerful, dual locking suction cups quickly attach to tub or wall without tools. Flip-up tabs allow for fast, easy removal or relocation. Ideal for elderly or people who need assistance while bathing. Plastic, 12".

Technical Details

- Provides support while showering or getting out of
- Powerful dual locking suction cups
- Attach to tub or shower wall without tools
- Flip-up tabs allow for fast, easy removal or reloc
- Plastic; 12"
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Customer Buzz
 "Place it Where You Need It!" 2009-08-14
By K. Miller
Move this tub bar to any shower or tub surface and you can make you or your guests feel secure! Wonderful solution if you didn't build one in. So sturdy that you will feel that a plumber did make the install. Thanks for this one.

Customer Buzz
 "Great Value" 2008-02-13
By Donald E. Robertson (Waverly, TN)
I bought two of these for my parents, They are just the right size, and have incredible holding power on a flat surface. I was extremely pleased with the performance.

Customer Buzz
 "Works as advertised" 2007-10-09
By Charles F. Swingler (Gettysburg, PA)
We have been using this as soon as we unpacked it. It is on a Fiberglass tub wall. This is not what it was designed for but we only use it as a support not lifting our weight.

It was worth every cent.

Customer Buzz
 "Great assistance for ballance" 2007-01-11
By R. Engler (Pittsburgh, PA)
The suction tub bar is great. It attaches easily and holds tight. I am tempted to put a label on it - "Use for balance only, not to support full weight." I have not had a problem at all but there is a warning in the packaging.



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