Very Modern Style Wood Art Wall Décor Set of 3

>> Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Buy Cheap Very Modern Style Wood Art Wall Décor Set of 3

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This is a brand new item. This item is made to look antique (scratches, chips, and dings) with hand made finishing. The item comes in one complete large box. The size of the item is approximately 26" inches in Height and 36" inches in Width.

Technical Details

- This is a new beautiful American Home Furnishing product.
- This item is made out of high quality finish with detail designing.
- This is a wonderful decorative piece for any location and makes a great gift.
- All carefully hand crafted.
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Customer Buzz
 "worthy it!" 2010-01-11
By J. Diaz (Gatorland ;) FL)
this picture will look great in my husband office! it is smaller than i had imagine it, but that its all my fault that didnt look the measures before buy. seller did good contact, the shippping was very fast, the packaging was good and the price great too. I RECOMMEND.

Customer Buzz
 "Cancellation without warning or explanation" 2010-01-10
By Magedin (Irvine, CA USA)
I also ordered this item based on the reviews here. I ordered it right at the beginning of December, hoping that it might arrive before Christmas, or at least before a party we were planning on having in mid-January. I kept checking the status of the order, which remained unchanged for almost a month ... before they suddenly simply canceled the order without any explanation or warning. If I'd have known they were out of stock (which they obviously weren't when I ordered), I'd have bought an item elsewhere. Instead, what they obviously did was oversell, taking in more orders than they had stock. I do not appreciate these kinds of business practices and would not trust this seller in the future.

Customer Buzz
 "Decent but not good enough for the price." 2009-12-27
By Randolph (Virginia, USA)
Shipping was prompt, but the packing had much to be desired. The wooden pieces were packed tightly together in a makeshift box made of several pieces of cardboard taped together with only one sheet of paper between the three pieces. Its made with oil based paints so theres some tack left to the paints(collects dust like no ones business). The hardware was NOT uniformly placed on the back of each piece. Unless you're a carpenter or are familiar with complicated mounts, you're SOL on getting this one level and evenly spaced. Do yourself a favor and check your local stores before you buy this overpriced, poorly packed, mounting nightmare.

Customer Buzz
 "Very Unreliable" 2009-12-22
By A. Nichols (San Diego, CA)
I purchased this product at the beginning of December in hopes to receive it by Christmas for a gift. I did not see the delivery status change on the item after 10 days so I then contacted the seller who assured me that the item was processed and would be shipped and I would definitely receive it before Christmas. A couple more days went by and still the status did not change. I tried to contact the seller again with no answer and a day later (today, 3 days before Christmas) they cancelled my order. I would not rely on this company to send your item and it seems to me that they would rather lie to you than tell you the truth about the delivery status of your item. Do not trust this seller.

Customer Buzz
 "Do Not Order From thedecorcollection" 2009-12-22
By Morgan S. Hargrave (Auburn, California)
Ordered this item in early December. Paid for expedited shipping because my wife was very interested in it and I thought it'd make a great gift. thedecorcollection CANCELED the order 3 days before Christmas with no explanation. Evidently, this seller is unable to keep track of his or her stock, or have any sort of interaction with his or her customers. What - did you just figure out that you ran out of the item 3 days before Christmas!? Why did you not figure that out when I ordered the item 3 weeks ago!? Where did the one I bought go?

I do not recommend ordering anything at all from thedecorcollection.

Buy Very Modern Style Wood Art Wall Décor Set of 3 Now


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